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Skincare Workshop
Available to groups of 2, 4 or 6.  Topics include basic skincare, importance of sun protection, causes of acne and the do’s and don’ts of acne treatment.  Sample products are included.  Please call for further information.

Mini Facial
This treatment focuses on deep cleansing, exfoliation, a mist of toner and hydrating mask.  No extractions.  Allow 35 mins.

Clarifying Facial
A special treatment for damaged or breakout prone skin.  Naturally sourced salicylic acid is the magical ingredient in this facial clearing follicle of excess cell debris, leaving skin smooth and glowing.  Extractions included and 15 minutes of LED Light Therapy.  Allow 60 mins.


myProbiotic Peel
Helps boost the skin’s immune response to repair acne-prone skin from the inside-out.  Excellent choice for anyone seeking an effective alternative to antibiotic or Accutane treatment for acne.  This new, noninvasive peel solution features the healing and regenerative benefits of myProbiotic Skin Renewal Technology with 20% salicylic acid to instantly help minimize surface acne while preventing future breakouts. Lightens hyperpigmentation. This is a non-invasive peel with all the benefits of a clinical treatment but with virtually no downtime, excessive peeling or redness. myBody products are paraben-free, xenoestrogen-free, FD&C dye-free. A five (5) day supply of post peel products are included with this treatment.  Allow 30 mins.


For additional savings, ask about our Teen Treatment Packages and our Clarifying Peel Kit package.


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